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  May 2017 /Volume.14 Number.3  
Original Article
Unresolved Bereavement and Other Mental Health Problems in Parents of the Sewol Ferry Accident after 18 Months
  Hyu Jung Huh1;Seung Huh2;So Hee Lee3; and Jeong-Ho Chae2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):231-9
Impact of Anxiety and Depression on Physical Health Condition and Disability in an Elderly Korean Population
  Hee-Ju Kang1;Kyung-Yeol Bae1;Sung-Wan Kim1;Hee-Young Shin2;Il-Seon Shin1;Jin-Sang Yoon1; and Jae-Min Kim1;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):240-8
The Hierarchical Implications of Internet Gaming Disorder Criteria: Which Indicate more Severe Pathology?
  Seung-Yup Lee1;Hae Kook Lee1;Hyunsuk Jeong2;Hyeon Woo Yim2;Soo-Young Bhang3;Sun-Jin Jo2;Kyung-Young Baek2;Eunjin Kim2;Min Seob Kim1;Jung-Seok Choi4; and Yong-Sil Kweon1;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):249-59
The Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function and Continuous Performance Test in Preschoolers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  H. Tuna Çak1;S. Ebru Çengel Kültür1;Bahar Gökler1;Ferhunde Öktem1; and Candan Taşkıran2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):260-70
Incidence and Course of Depression in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease
  Seung-Ho Ryu1;Han-Yong Jung2;Kang Joon Lee3;Seok Woo Moon4;Dong Woo Lee5;Narei Hong6;Baik Seok Kee7;Do Hoon Kim8;Changsu Han9; and Chang Uk Lee10;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):271-80
Does Type D Personality Impact on the Prognosis of Patients Who Underwent Catheter Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation? A 1-Year Follow-Up Study
  Sang Won Jeon1;Hong Euy Lim2;Seoyoung Yoon3;Kyoung Se Na4;Young-Hoon Ko3;Sook-Haeng Joe5; and Young-Hoon Kim2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):281-8
Development of a Diverse Learning Experience for Diverse Psychiatry Resident Needs: A Four-Year Biological Psychiatry Curriculum Incorporating Principles of Neurobiology, Psychopharmacology, and Evidence-Based Practice
  Andrew J. Muzyk1,2;Jane P. Gagliardi2,3;Gopalkumar Rakesh2;Michael R. Jiroutek4;Rajiv Radhakrishnan5;Chi-Un Pae2,6;Prakash S. Masand7,8; and Steven T. Szabo2,9;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):289-97
Attitudes Formation by Small but Meaningful Personal Information
  Jaejoong Kim;Sang Won Lee;Minwook Kwak;Kyueun Lee; and Bumseok Jeong
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):298-305
Screening for Depressive Disorder in Elderly Patients with Chronic Physical Diseases Using the Patient Health Questionnaire-9
  Seon-Cheol Park1;Hwa-Young Lee2;Dong-Woo Lee3;Sang-Woo Hahn4;Sang-Ho Park5;Yeo Ju Kim6;Jae Sung Choi7;Ho-Sung Lee7;Soyoung Irene Lee8;Kyoung-Sae Na9;Sung Won Jung10;Se-Hoon Shim2;Ki Won Kim11,12;Jong-Woo Paik13; and Young-Joon Kwon2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):306-13
Association of Changes in Mood Status and Psychosocial Well-Being with Depression During Interferon-Based Treatment for Hepatitis C
  Jung-Seok Choi1,2;Won Kim3;Bo Kyung Sohn1,2;Jun-Young Lee1,2;Hee Yeon Jung1,2;Sohee Oh4;Sae Kyoung Joo3;Hwi Young Kim3; and Yong Jin Jung3;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):314-24
Disrupted Control Network Connectivity in Abstinent Patients with Alcohol Dependence
  Siekyeong Kim1;Sungjin Im2;Jeonghwan Lee1; and Sang-Gu Lee3;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):325-32
Executive Dysfunction in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Anterior Cingulate-Based Resting State Functional Connectivity
  Je-Yeon Yun1;Joon Hwan Jang1;Wi Hoon Jung2;Na Young Shin2;Sung Nyun Kim1;Jae Yeon Hwang2; and Jun Soo Kwon1,2,3;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):333-43
Decreased Expression of α-Synuclein, Nogo-A and UCH-L1 in Patients with Schizophrenia: A Preliminary Serum Study
  Ömer Faruk Demirel1;İhsan Cetin2;Şenol Turan1;Tarık Sağlam1;Nazım Yıldız1; and Alaattin Duran1;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):344-9
Differential Histone Acetylation in Sub-Regions of Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis Underlies Fear Consolidation and Extinction
  Vandana Ranjan1;Sanjay Singh2;Sarfraj Ahmad Siddiqui2;Sukanya Tripathi2;Mohd Yahiya Khan2; and Anand Prakash2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):350-9
An Inter-Ethnic Comparison Study of Ziprasidone Plasma Levels, Dosage and Clinical Response in Patients with Schizophrenia
  Dongsheng Lv1,4;Meirong Zhao1,2;Lixia Chen1;Dongsheng Yu1;Xiaobin Yun1;Qing Yang3; and Xiaojun Huang4;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):360-7
Brief Report
Serum Prolactin Levels in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder Receiving Selective Serotonin-Reuptake Inhibitor Monotherapy for 3 Months: A Prospective Study
  Young-Min Park
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):368-71
The Relationship of Sexual Abuse with Self-Esteem, Depression, and Problematic Internet Use in Korean Adolescents
  Bung-Nyun Kim1;Subin Park2; and Min-Hyeon Park3;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):372-5
Cognitive Impairment and Psychological Distress at Discharge from Intensive Care Unit
  Chi Ryang Chung1;Hye Jin Yoo2;Jinkyeong Park1; and Seunghyong Ryu2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):376-9
Case Report
Tardive Dystonia Related with Aripiprazole
  Sunghwan Kim;Seung-Yup Lee;MinSeob Kim; and Kyoung-Uk Lee
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(3):380-2