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  November 2017 /Volume.14 Number.6  
Review Article
The Influence of Traditional Culture and the Interpersonal Psychological Theory on Suicide Research in Korea
  Yeonsoo Park1,2;Seung Yeon Baik1,2;Hyang-Sook Kim2; and Seung-Hwan Lee1,3;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):713-8
Original Article
Mental Health Assessment of South Korean Adults on Probation
  Soungwan Kim; and Bongseog Kim
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):719-26
Association of Anxiety, Depression, and Somatization with Menstrual Problems among North Korean Women Defectors in South Korea
  Hyun Kyoung Kim1;Hee Sook Kim2; and Seog Ju Kim3;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):727-33
Feasibility of Psychosocial Distress Screening and Management Program for Hospitalized Cancer Patients
  Changtae Hahn1;Soo-Hyun Joo2;Jeong-Ho Chae2;Chang-Uk Lee2; and Tae-Suk Kim2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):734-45
Pain in Patients with Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa: Association with Anxiety and Depression
  Giulio Fortuna1,2,3;Massimo Aria4;Rodrigo Cepeda-Valdes2;Maria Guadalupe Moreno Trevino5; and Julio Cesar Salas-Alanís2,5;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):746-53
Extrapyramidal Signs and Risk of Progression from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Dementia: A Clinical Research Center for Dementia of South Korea Study
  Woojae Myung1;Jin Hong Park2;Sook-Young Woo3;Seonwoo Kim3;Sang Ha Kim2;Jae Won Chung2;Hyo Shin Kang4;Shinn-Won Lim2,4,5;Junbae Choi2;Duk L. Na6;Seong Yoon Kim7;Jae-Hong Lee8;Seol-Heui Han9;Seong Hye Choi10;Sang Yun Kim11;Bernard J. Carroll12; and Doh Kwan Kim2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):754-61
Gender Differences in Suicidal Ideation and Related Factors among North Korean Refugees in South Korea
  Jin-Won Noh1;Hyunchun Park2;Young Dae Kwon3;In Hye Kim2;Yo Han Lee4;Yoon Jung Kim5; and Sin Gon Kim6;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):762-9
Health Care Utilization and Expenditures of Patients with Diabetes Comorbid with Depression Disorder: A National Population-Based Cohort Study
  Chun-Jen Huang1,2;Hui-Min Hsieh3;Herng-Chia Chiu4;Peng-Wei Wang1,2;Mei-Hsuan Lee5;Chih-Yi Li6; and Ching-Hua Lin2,7;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):770-8
Do Patients Want to Listen to a Diagnosis of Dementia in Korea? Preferences on Disclosing a Diagnosis of Dementia and Discussing Advance Care Planning in Elderly Patients with Memory Concerns and Their Families
  Joon Hyung Jung1,2;Min Joo Kim1;Soo-Hee Choi1,2;Na Young Han1;Jee Eun Park1,2;Hye Youn Park3;Ji Won Han3;Dong Young Lee1,2; and Hye Yoon Park1;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):779-85
Listening to Sentences in Noise: Revealing Binaural Hearing Challenges in Patients with Schizophrenia
  Noor Alaudin Abdul Wahab1,2;Mohd. Normani Zakaria1;Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahman3;Dinsuhaimi Sidek4; and Suzaily Wahab3;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):786-94
Psychological Problems of Pneumothorax According to Resilience, Stress, and Post-Traumatic Stress
  Dohun Kim1;Hong-Ju Shin1;Si-Wook Kim1;Jong-Myeon Hong1;Kang Soo Lee2; and Sang-Hyuk Lee2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):795-800
Association between Healthcare Utilization and Depression in Korean Women with Cardiovascular Conditions
  Se Jin Park1;Jung Won Jang1,2;Ah Young Kim1;Seungyeon Hong1;Boram Yuk1;Ye Won Min1;Kyung A Park1,2; and Subin Park1;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):801-7
The Role of Uncontrolled Eating and Screen Time in the Link of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with Weight in Late Childhood
  Joung-Sook Ahn;Seongho Min; and Min-Hyuk Kim
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):808-16
Medical and Psychiatric Comorbidities in Korean Children and Adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  Kee Jeong Park;Jung Sun Lee; and Hyo-Won Kim
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):817-24
Spicy Food Preference and Risk for Alcohol Dependence in Korean
  Ji-Hun Park1;Sung-Gon Kim2;Ji-Hoon Kim1;Jin-Seong Lee1;Woo-Young Jung1; and Hyeon-Kyeong Kim3;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):825-9
A Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies UTRN Gene Polymorphism for Restless Legs Syndrome in a Korean Population
  Chul-Hyun Cho1;Ji-Hye Choi2;Seung-Gul Kang3;Ho-Kyoung Yoon1;Young-Min Park4;Joung-Ho Moon1;Ki-Young Jung5;Jin-Kyu Han6;Hong-Bum Shin7;Hyun Ji Noh8;Yong Seo Koo9;Leen Kim1;Hyun Goo Woo2; and Heon-Jeong Lee1;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):830-8
Asymmetrical Electroencephalographic Change of Human Brain During Sleep Onset Period
  Doo-Heum Park1; and Chul-Jin Shin2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):839-43
The Mechanism of Anti-Epileptogenesis by Levetiracetam Treatment is Similar to the Spontaneous Recovery of Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy during Adolescence
  Hiroki Kikuyama;Tadahito Hanaoka;Tetsufumi Kanazawa;Yasushi Yoshida;Takafumi Mizuno;Hirotaka Toyoda; and Hiroshi Yoneda
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):844-50
Korean Brain Aging Study for the Early Diagnosis and Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease: Methodology and Baseline Sample Characteristics
  Min Soo Byun1;Dahyun Yi1;Jun Ho Lee2;Young Min Choe3;Bo Kyung Sohn4;Jun-Young Lee5,6;Hyo Jung Choi5;Hyewon Baek7;Yu Kyeong Kim8;Yun-Sang Lee9;Chul-Ho Sohn10;Inhee Mook-Jung11,12;Murim Choi12;Yu Jin Lee2,6;Dong Woo Lee4;Seung-Ho Ryu13;Shin Gyeom Kim14;Jee Wook Kim15;Jong Inn Woo6;Dong Young Lee1,2,6; and for the KBASE Research Group
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):851-63
Comparative Analysis of Emotional Symptoms in Elderly Koreans with Hwa-Byung and Depression
  Chae-Sung Im;Sengmi Baeg;Jin-Hoon Choi;Miji Lee;Hyun-Jin Kim;Ik-Seung Chee;So-Hyun Ahn; and Jeong Lan Kim
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):864-70
Brief Report
Relationship between Problematic Internet Use and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms among Students Following the Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea
  Ju-Yeon Lee;Sung-Wan Kim;Hee-Ju Kang;Seon-Young Kim;Kyung-Yeol Bae;Jae-Min Kim;Il-Seon Shin; and Jin-Sang Yoon
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):871-5
Polymorphism in the Promoter Region of SEMA5A Is Associated with Sociality Traits in Korean Subjects with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  Soon Ae Kim1;Boong-Nyun Kim2;Jae-Won Kim2;Min-Sup Shin2;Tae-Won Park3;Jung-Woo Son4;Un-Sun Chung5; and Mira Park6;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):876-8
Prevalence and Psychiatric Comorbidities of Internet Addiction in a Nationwide Sample of Korean Adults
  Subin Park1;Hong Jin Jeon2;Jae Nam Bae3;Su Jeong Seong4; and Jin Pyo Hong2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):879-82
Whole Brain Voxel-Wise Analysis of Cerebral Retention of Beta-Amyloid in Cognitively Normal Older Adults Using 18F-Florbetaben
  Yoo Hyun Um1;Woo Hee Choi2;Won Sang Jung3;Young Ha Park3;Chang-Uk Lee4; and Hyun Kook Lim5;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):883-6
Individuals with Restless Legs Syndrome Tend to have Severe Depressive Symptoms: Findings from a Community-Based Cohort Study
  Chul-Hyun Cho1,2;Leen Kim1,2; and Heon-Jeong Lee1,2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):887-93
Risk Factors Associated with the Fear of Falling in Community-Living Elderly People in Korea: Role of Psychological Factors
  Jong-Il Park1,2;Jong-Chul Yang1,2; and Sangkeun Chung1,2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):894-9
Psychiatric Symptoms in Teachers from Danwon High School after Exposure to the Sinking of the Motor Vessel Sewol
  Mi-Sun Lee1;Soo-Young Bhang2;Cheol-Soon Lee3;Hyoung Yoon Chang4,5;Ji-Youn Kim6;Ju-Hyun Lee7;Eunji Kim8;Seung-Min Bae9;Jang-Ho Park10;Hye-Jin Kim11; and Jun-Won Hwang11;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):900-3
Case Report
Frontal Lobe Dysfunction in a Depressed Patient Who Survived a Suicide Attempt by Jumping from the Bridge on the Han River
  Kiwon Kim1; and Hong Jin Jeon1,2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):904-8
Letter to the Editor
ACP1 Gene Polymorphism Associated with Suicide Attempt Type in Bipolar Disorder Patients
  Simone Becho Campos;Paulo Marcos Brasil Rocha;Fernando Silva Neves;Debora Marques Miranda; and Humberto Correa
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):909-10
Erratum to "Prediction of Treatment Response to Donepezil using Automated Hippocampal Subfields Volumes Segmentation in Patients with Mild Alzheimer's Disease"
  Yoo Hyun Um1;Tae-Won Kim1;Jong-Hyun Jeong1;Ho-Jun Seo1;Jin-Hee Han1;Seung-Chul Hong1;Chang-Uk Lee2; and Hyun Kook Lim2;
  Psychiatry Investig 2017;14(6):911-1